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Live Cottage Weathercam

Thanks to technology provided by, Tigh Ban Lek now has it's very own WeatherCam, mounted on the front of the cottage, above the balcony.

The live image from the cottage (below) automatically updates once every 30 seconds, and allows you to see the views that cottage guests enjoy from the living room/balcony of Tigh Ban Lek. The camera looks out over Craobh Marina (towards left of frame). On a clear day, you can also see as far as the Paps of Jura, in the distance, to the left of frame.

At the end of each day, the images from the camera are compiled into a short time-lapse video, which is then published on our youtube channel, and also here on the site, below the live weathercam image.

If you look closely in the time lapse video, it's possible to see small pleasure craft arriving and departing from Craobh Marina.

You can also view a half-hourly history of today's WeatherCam images, from sunrise through to sunset.

Thank you for stopping by to view our live WeatherCam. We hope you enjoy the views from a spectacular part of the Scottish west coast.

Latest Time Lapse Video

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