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Tigh Ban Lek is on a private water supply, we have provided more information around what this means for your information.  You are not required to take any additional steps before using the water and this is provided for your information only.

Around 150,000 people in Scotland rely on a private water supply - any water supply not provided by Scottish Water - for their drinking water.  Instead of Scottish Water, the owner who uses the supply is responsible for its maintenance.  Supplies vary in size from those that serve one household to those that serve hundreds of people. Tens of thousands of people also use them occasionally each year, typically when they are on holiday.

Private water supplies are regulated by the Private Water Supplies (Scotland) Regulations 2006.  Their overriding objective is to ensure the provision of clean and wholesome drinking water and deliver significant health benefits to those using such supplies.

The treatment system at Tigh Ban Lek consists of an Ultraviolet unit and a twin filter system.  This is located underneath the internal stairs of the property but should not be touched by any guests.  The system undergoes an annual service, regular maintenance and is subject to sampling by the Local Authority at least once each year.

The local authority also complete a Risk Assessment of our supply which involves assessing the source of the supply and the surrounding water catchment area to identify potential sources of contamination, and also checking on storage tanks, treatment processes and pipework.

How does the system work?

A UV unit consists of a sterilising chamber, made from stainless steel, through the centre of which passes a quartz sleeve. Within the quartz sleeve is an ultraviolet lamp. The lamp emits energy which passes through the sleeve and into the water to destroy any bacteria present in the water. Each different type of bacteria requires different energy levels to destroy it. Therefore, the time the water is subjected to the light and the amount of energy the UV emits are factors in determining the rate of flow of the UV.

The ultraviolet unit is sized on peak flow through it and not average flow. Ultraviolet is a safe and effective means of destroying bacteria in water supplies without adding chemicals such as chlorine, which may affect the taste of the water.

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